Top Three eSIMs for your Holiday in Spain

by Madeleine Pitt on May 08, 2024

Top Three eSIMs for your Holiday in Spain

In sunny Spain, they say El mar cura todos los males (“the sea cures all ills.”) But you don’t need to be by the Playa to benefit from the country’s shimmering beauty and fascinating culture. Whether you are admiring Alhambra, trekking Mount Teide or just soaking up the rays, Spain is a tonic at any time of the year. 

Are you escaping to España for your 2024 summer holiday? Today, we’ll check out the Top Three eSIMs that Voyafly has to offer you- plus some nifty discounts that you can shop along the way. 

Unlimited Data eSIM-Spain 

We’re starting strong with Voyafly’s Unlimited Data eSIM for Spain. This eSIM gem follows Voyafly’s easy activation process and includes a free mobile hotspot plus unlimited 4G/5G data so you can send holiday snaps to the folks back home. 

Our April Flash Sale gives you 50% off this generous eSIM package from just $19.99* so be sure to buy before the sale ends. 

Unlimited Data eSIM-Europe

Planning your European Summer 2024? Chances are that Spain is just one stop on your grand tour. Our Europe Unlimited Data eSIM keeps you covered across the continent and saves you the stress of switching eSIMs on every border that you cross.

We’re currently giving new customers 10% off their unlimited data eSIM when they checkout. 

No other eSIM provides this comfort and convenience at such great value. Bag your Voyafly eSIM now for just $19.99.*

Unlimited Data eSIM- Portugal

The Guadiana International Bridge connects the Andalusian town of Ayamonte with Castro Marim in Portugal’s Algarve. Castro Marim is host to Dias Medievais, one of Europe’s largest annual Medieval festivals, from the 23rd of August 2024. 

Even if that’s not your cup of tea, Castro Marim’s Spa Silano offers guests the chance to float on the surface of their sublime natural salt pools and enjoy the tranquility of the spa’s beautiful surroundings. 

How can any weary traveler resist? Don’t worry-  Voyafly’s Unlimited Data eSIM brings you that same seamless connectivity even if you cross the Guadiana River. 

Packing Up

Wherever you go on holiday, Voyafly can go with you. 

Our Unlimited Data eSIMs keep you connected so you can seamlessly surf local mobile networks without data roaming charges to weigh you down. Our eSIMs let you keep your Whatsapp number, so you can easily touch base with family, friends, and colleagues while you’re soaking up the Spanish sun. You don’t even have to register or download our eSIMs to your device, thanks to our QR-code activation. ¡Buen viaje!