Interrailing: Voyafly's Travel Guide

by Madeleine Pitt on May 20, 2024

Interrailing: Voyafly's Travel Guide

Since 1772, The iconic Interrail Pass has changed lives. No longer is "the grand tour" reserved only for the wealthy; simple, and affordable, the pass provides young people unprecedented access to Europe's sights regardless of their budget, time and experience. With the Interrail Pass, you can coast the continent's railways with friends, family or just the folks you meet along the way. Many parents, teachers and students look upon interrailing trips as a right-of-passage. It is, truly, the gateway to travel. 

If you're planning to interrail in 2024, planning is everything, and safety is nonnegotiable. If this is your first solo trip, connectivity should be your first priority so you can keep in contact with your team back home and get help fast if you need. That's why our Unlimited Data eSIMs are your perfect travel companion. 

Today, we bring you Voyfaly's guide to interrailing

1. Stay in Touch

For many young people, an interrailing trip is their first experience of independent travel. There's something undeniably joyful about being your own person on the road; you can decide on your itinerary, make your own decisions and learn from your mistakes. That said, it's highly likely that your folks back home will want to know where you are from time to time!

Aim to contact your support network (whoever that may be) at least three times a week via text, and phone them at least once. Should anything go wrong, they'll know roughly where you are and be able to get you help ASAP. 

Voyafly's Unlimited Data eSIM for Europe let's you keep your Whatsapp number while you travel, (to avoid confusion for those back home!)

2. Plan for the Worst

As Burns famously said, sometimes even the best laid plans go...well, not as planned.

No matter how carefully you prepare, you can't avoid train delays, lost luggage, etc. Familiarize yourself with Interrail's Railway Map so you can plan alternative routes if necessary. Once you're on the road, use your Voyafly data eSIM to download handy mobile applications (such as this Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner) for travel times and updates.

3. Set Goals

A common piece of advice you'll hear is "try everything once." While there's some wisdom to that, there simply isn't time to see everything that a town, city or country has to offer. Ask yourself: what do you really want to see? For example, when you stop in Paris, skip the Eiffel Tower if it doesn't excite you as there will be plenty of other things in Paris that do! Check out Voyafly's Travel Guide to Paris for some inspiration. 

4. Read Reviews

It may be time-consuming, but when you're searching for accommodation, check customer reviews carefully. It goes without saying that you need to hear from those that came before you about their stay; but there's more to it than that.

Reviews tell you more about each hostel's amenities, location, safety and hygiene. Check out some popular accommodations here. 

Next Stop?

No matter how much (or little) time, money and experience you have, interrailing is your gateway to Europe; its sights, rich culture, and history.

Before you embark on this trip of a lifetime, be sure to purchase your Unlimited Data eSIM from Voyafly. Our eSIMs allow you to connect wherever you are on the road, at a price that's up to 10x less than other eSIM products. With Voyafly, you can plan carefully, stay in touch and access all the information that you need on-the-go. Plus, all our eSIMs come with a free wifi hotspot and 24/7 customer support.

No matter where you travel in 2024, Voyafly's along for the ride.