Top Five eSIMs For Your Holiday In Greece 2024:

by Madeleine Pitt on May 15, 2024

Top Five eSIMs For Your Holiday In Greece 2024:

Top Five eSIMs For Your Holiday In Greece 2024:

Aristotle once said; nothing ventured, nothing gained. But if you’re after some adventure this summer, there are few better places to look than the land he called home! People from all four corners of the world have flocked to visit Greece for at least a thousand years. With its iconic landmarks, mythology, historical sites, and sumptuous beaches, it’s not hard to see what keeps visitors coming back. 

If you need a connectivity solution during your summer travels, look no further than Voyafly’s data eSIMs. Our eSIM packages connect international travelers on the go and steer them clear of data roaming charges. 

Discover our top five eSIMs for your 2024 Holiday in Greece. 

Greece Unlimited Data eSIM (5 Days)

Athens’ Acropolis, Delphi’s Oracle, and the azure beaches of Zakynthos… with so many beautiful sights to see in Greece you can’t keep them all to yourself! Share your pictures, videos, and messages with people back home with Voyafly’s Unlimited eSIM for Greece. As well as unlimited 4G/5G Data Connectivity, our eSIM lets you keep your current WhatsApp number with no data roaming charges and a free mobile hotspot

Unlimited Data eSIM: Europe (5 Days)

If Greece isn’t your only stop this summer, then try Voyafly’s Unlimited Data eSIM for Europe. This gem of an eSIM lets you surf mobile networks all over the continent- even as you cross borders. Enjoy 5 days of unlimited 4G/5G Data for just $19.99

Greece Unlimited Data eSIM (10 Days)

Once you get to Greece, you might just want to stay a little longer than you planned! At Voyafly, you decide how long your eSIM lasts. We offer flexible validity periods so you can choose a package that lasts between 5 and 30 days. Enjoy up to 10 days of data for just $29.99 with our Unlimited Data eSIM for Greece (10 Days).

Unlimited Data eSIM: Albania


In Greece’s northeast region of Epirus, you can find Igoumenitsa. This small but important port is where Greece borders Albania. You can take a ferry from Igoumenitsa across the Ionian Sea to the Albanian town of Sarandë.

Vibrant, yet brimming with history and culture, the town of Sarandë is nicknamed The Pearl of the Albanian Riviera. Think Byzantine ruins, soft and sandy beaches, turquoise water, and picture-book architecture: Sarandë has got it all. 

With such delights across the border, don’t miss the chance to see them! Before you go, check out Voyafly’s Unlimited Data eSIM for Albania for seamless connectivity when you dock. To save even more money, purchase your eSIM in Voyafly’s May Flash Sale. 

Unlimited Data eSIM: Turkey

International travelers will know that the Evros River separates Greece from Turkey. The two countries have influenced one another for hundreds of years. Cross the Evros River from the Grecian town of Kastanies, and you’ll find yourself in the Turkish city of Edirne. Edirne’s ancient center includes the stunning Üç Şerefeli and Selimiye Mosques, featuring Ottoman architecture from the 15th and 16th centuries. Treat yourself to a sojourn in Edirne with Voyafly’s Unlimited Data eSIM

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Greece is one of the few places on earth that retains its ancient beauty and mystery. With so much history, and dazzling landscapes, a trip to Greece is on many people's bucket list. Voyafly's data eSIMs bring you the benefit of modern connectivity as you traverse this mythical land; with high-speed data packages, and a generous data allowance, you can keep your finger on the pulse while you explore. Happy travels!