Our Guide to Packing Light for Travel in 2024.

by Madeleine Pitt on May 01, 2024

Voyafly eSIMs are the best way to pack light this summer!

The dates are set, the flights are booked, and your Voyafly eSIM card is ready to connect you once you land. Now, the only thing between you and your summer sojourn is the suitcase. What are you going to pack?

When jetting off somewhere new, you may feel tempted to cram your case with every item you can think of. After all, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to buy the toiletries, medication, and comfort items you need at your destination. But as the list of things to pack goes up, your chances of making the hand luggage limit drop like a stone. 

In their Baggage It Insights report, SITA found that 4.27 billion bags were checked into hold luggage in 2018, of which 24.8 million were delayed, mishandled, or reported missing. What’s more, checking in doesn’t come cheap. If you’re holidaying in Paris, Air France charges up to 85 euros for international hold luggage. American Airlines asks for $35-$45 per checked bag- just on domestic flights. 

If packing light saves so much time and money, it makes sense to take hand luggage only if you can. But how can you pack light without falling short?


When packing for a holiday, distinguish between your needs and wants. Prioritize the necessities, like your travel documents, and medication. If you run out of space, it’s time to ask some tough questions: do you need three pairs of shoes? 

What you pack depends upon your destination. A European city break, which involves some walking, calls for walking boots and a change, for when you go out somewhere special in the evening. A pair of snappy sandals should suffice if you’re off to Indonesia for a Bali beach holiday.


Now you have packed necessities, choose multi-purpose items. A soft, reliable pair of pumps or plimsolls can be worn while you’re sampling the cuisine in a local restaurant, and when you’re out and about. Maybe your preferred jersey shirt can double up as nightwear. Get creative, and think outside the box to save space in the case. This is handy when you’re packing for more than one person, as some items- like toiletries, phone chargers, and some items of clothing- can be shared between two. 

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Keep it Simple.

Pack light for your 2024 holiday

Whether you go for relaxation or adventure, your holiday should be a time for you. Try not to pack your laptop or other work devices. Take three or four items only rather than an entire makeup bag. Concentrate on what you need for comfort.

If you need to keep an eye on what’s happening at work, download a Voyafly eSIM onto your phone, for instant connectivity wherever you are. 

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Layer Up.

Here’s a sneaky tip: make sure you wear your “weighty” items- like your coat, or your favorite jeans- on the day that you fly. That way you can take the item with you without adding it to your luggage.

Neutral Colours.

Many an influencer has sung the praises of neutral colors. But when you’re choosing a holiday wardrobe, they are a masterstroke. There’s no need to coordinate your outfit if your capsule holiday wardrobe goes together. Choose neutral colors to save space in your suitcase, and time once you land. 

Voyafly eSIMs.


Voyafly’s eSIMs are the ultimate way to pack light without sacrificing your holiday experience. Unlike a physical SIM card, our unlimited data eSIMs don’t take up space on your device. Activate your Voyafly eSIM with a QR code, and enjoy the world’s mobile networks at your fingertips. No matter where you’re going, Voyafly has an eSIM for you. By all means, pack light for your holiday- but don’t compromise on connectivity.

In Summary:

  • Aim to take hand luggage only to save time and money. 
  • Prioritize necessities and versatile items. 
  • Limit yourself to one or two pieces of tech
  • Keep heavier items on your person when you fly to save space in your bag.

Voyafly’s eSIM packages spare you costly data roaming charges and let you connect to local mobile networks while on holiday.