Does your Phone Support Voyafly eSIMs?

by Madeleine Pitt on May 06, 2024

Does your Phone Support Voyafly eSIMs?

No matter where you are, Voyafly is there to connect. Avoid waves of data roaming charges and surf local mobile networks in over 150 destinations around the world with our Unlimited Data eSIMs. Our eSIMs are up to 10 times cheaper than our competitors, with no downloads or lengthy registration process required. 

So far, our eSIMs have kept over one million people connected as they travel the world, and we want to connect you too. But before you go, let’s make sure that your phone is compatible with eSIM technology- and find out what your options are if not. 

Which Phones Support eSIMs?

Most modern smartphones are eSIM compatible. Essentially, in order to support eSIM technology, your phone needs the right software to manage the eSIM on your phone. This eSIM management software is built into your phone’s operating system, and works alongside your eSIM to access mobile network carriers.  

Here are some examples of eSIM compatible devices: 

  • iPhone 11
  • iPad (7th generation)
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy A54 5G
  • GOOGLE PIXEL Pixel 7 Pro
  • HAMMER Explorer PRO
  • Huawei P40 
  • Motorola Edge+
  • HP Elitebook G5
  • Lenovo Yoga C630
  • Surface Pro 9

Can’t see your device listed here? You can find a full list of eSIM-compatible phones in Voyafly’s Frequently Asked Questions

Which Phones Do Not Support eSIMs? 

Some Phones don’t have the right software to use eSIM technology. Here’s a few examples:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 (2018)
  2. iPhone 7 (2016)
  3. Google Pixel 2: (2017) 

If you’re still unsure about your device and eSIMs, feel free to contact us. 

Why can’t some phones support eSIMs?

The smartphone's operating system (OS) must include the right software that lets users to download, activate, and manage eSIM profiles. Your eSIM can also use this software to switch between multiple eSIM profiles if the device has dual SIM capability.

This eSIM management software needs to be compatible with the mobile networks and carriers that offer eSIM services, including their network protocols and security standards.

What should I do if my phone is not eSIM compatible?

If your phone is not eSIM compatible, all is not lost. There’s a few sneaky ways to dodge data roaming charges if you want to use your smart device on holiday. Although they may cost a bit more than a Voyafly eSIM, and require you to complete a registration process before you can use them safely. 

1. Purchase a Local SIM Card:

Once you arrive at your travel destination, you could buy and install a local SIM card, either at the airport or from a local vendor. Unlike a Voyafly eSIM, this probably means you’ll use a new phone number while traveling, which might confuse the folks back home when you send that first message! 

Make sure you let your contacts know that your phone number may change while you’re away. 

2. Use Wi-Fi:

Another option is to connect to your holiday hotel’s wifi network. If your accommodation offer Wifi for free- even better! The drawback is that Wi-Fi networks are not available everywhere - especially in remote or rural areas. If you’re off to Nepal for the Everest Base Camp Trek, Wifi is pretty scarce in the Sherpa villages you’ll pass along the way. 

Public Wi-Fi networks also pose security risks, so be careful when connecting to new or unsecured networks.

3. Buy a Prepaid International Roaming Plan:

If you’re out of options, consider purchasing a Prepaid International Data Roaming Plan from your network provider

Unfortunately, these plans are quite expensive compared local SIM cards or Wi-Fi networks. What’s more, some prepaid plans only cover certain areas and might have slow data speeds, and often require a lengthy activation process . It takes more time, planning and money. 


Voyafly's eSIMs are your solution to data-roaming charges

You can use your Voyafly eSIM on most smartphones nowadays, but if you want to double-check, you can visit our FAQ Page for the full list of compatible devices. If you encounter problems with your eSIM Data Package on holiday, Voyafly has got you covered with our customer support service. Our team are available 24/7 so reach out to us for eSIM help any time, any place. While there are eSIM alternatives that help you save money on data roaming charges, nothing is as seamless and cost-effective as our Unlimited Data eSIM packages. 

As we’re currently offering a 50% discount on over 150 destinations, there’s never been a better time to Voyafly.